August 06, 2017


1. FUN FUR COATS!!! They have to be fun- red, pink, green, blue, leopard print.. whatever, you choose. One rule tho: they have to be faux. Or you are not cool at all.

2. SETS- Pijamas only for bedtime? Old boring story. Make your skin look like it has a print. (But left your face out, haha). NO LIMITS!

3. FLOWERS, STARS AND LEOPARD- Prints, prints, prints! Prints on prints + embroidery on jeans, jackets, bags etc.

4. REDS, YELLOWS, ORANGES- Let the colour pop + add a little 70's vibe.

5. LET YOUR CLOTHES DEFINE YOU, LITERALLY- Ypur shirt, your message. May be political, even.
6. FLARED SLEEVES AND WIDE-LEG PANTS- No time to hold it back. I love this season- wear skinny or wear flared- everything suits just good.

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